Brand – R&R Scaffolding Advert.

Media: B2B – Alaskan Business Magazines & In-Flight Publications.
Objective: Inform local industries that BRAND has now arrived in Alaska via its acquisition of R&R Scaffolding – an established Anchorage company.
Challenge: Breakthrough perception that its takes a local company to succeed in Alaskan conditions.
Solution: Strongly establish, by spotlighting area-specific products, BRAND’s readiness to serve in sub-zero conditions.


Brand ‘Aqua’ Press Campaign
Media: International Industry Publications.
Objective: Showcase the latest Aluma ‘success story’ – the ‘Aqua’ building in Chicago (USA) with a facade designed to mimic ocean waves.
Challenge: Tie up the grand success with Aluma’s ultra unique strengths – that made such a feat possible.