WU ‘Price’ Campaign 2013
Markets: Central, Eastern & Western Canada.
Languages: Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla, French.
Demographic: Canadians of South Asian origin.
Theme: 2013 ‘New’ Transfer Fee Announcement.
Objective: Announce ‘new’ reduced transfer fee applicable to money sent from Canada to South Asia (including India & Pakistan).
Challenge: Gently focus on the ‘still more savings’ via the use of WU’s Preferred Customer Card. This was brought out through the use of the ‘Rate Table’.


Kia Print Campaign (Korean)
Language Media: Korean Newspapers & Magazines (Canada).
Objective: Project special prices on selected Kia models.
Challenge: Use the original English design as a guideline for designing an ‘original’ Korean advert that avoided ‘transliterations’ (from English to Korean) and projected the message in ‘spoken’ Korean. This meant virtually re-writing the advert in Korean.