‘Multicultural’ – The new mainstream.

“By 2020 more than 63% of the total Canadian population will be made up of visible minorities”. Canada is a rich mosaic of peoples, cultures & languages. And the process has only begun. Each new day adds a brand new facet to the national demographic mix. Europeans, North Americans, South Asians, Chinese, Filipino, immigrants from the Middle East & Africa….the marketplace is growing exponentially. For local businesses, that’s brilliant news…but it does come with a few challenges. Good News! Inspite of the dwindling ‘baby-boomer’ numbers across North America, the Canadian marketplace is thriving – fueled by the more than 250,000 new immigrants who arrive in the country each year. That’s a lot of new people to sell to!


The days of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ communication approach are over. To be able to harvest these new market segments, communication needs to be tailored to the actual needs of the buyers – through concepts and stories that resonate with them and make them feel at home in their new environment.


To successfully navigate through a disparate variety of languages & cultures and connect with these consumer groups on a 1-O-1. And once they have their attention, not only to sell to them but to keep them coming back for more.


SPAN Communications. An ultra multicultural agency that has the ability to deeply permeate more than one market, in addition to the general market, at the same time.


We have over 45 years of hands-on experience of dealing with cross-cultural markets – in most cases in their countries of origin. This includes North America, Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America & Hong Kong. SPAN is a full-service marketing communication agency. Our range of services runs the gamut from market research (coordinated through 3rd party sources) to formulation of communication strategies, providing creative & media buying services to production of Television & Radio commercials.

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