WU ‘Price’ Campaign 2013
Markets: Central, Eastern & Western Canada.
Languages: Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla, French.
Demographic: Canadians of South Asian origin.
Theme: 2013 ‘New’ Transfer Fee Announcement.
Objective: Announce ‘new’ reduced transfer fee applicable to money sent from Canada to South Asia (including India & Pakistan).
Challenge: Gently focus on the ‘still more savings’ via the use of WU’s Preferred Customer Card. This was brought out through the use of the ‘Rate Table’.


Kia Print Campaign (Korean)
Language Media: Korean Newspapers & Magazines (Canada).
Objective: Project special prices on selected Kia models.
Challenge: Use the original English design as a guideline for designing an ‘original’ Korean advert that avoided ‘transliterations’ (from English to Korean) and projected the message in ‘spoken’ Korean. This meant virtually re-writing the advert in Korean.


Brand – R&R Scaffolding Advert.

Media: B2B – Alaskan Business Magazines & In-Flight Publications.
Objective: Inform local industries that BRAND has now arrived in Alaska via its acquisition of R&R Scaffolding – an established Anchorage company.
Challenge: Breakthrough perception that its takes a local company to succeed in Alaskan conditions.
Solution: Strongly establish, by spotlighting area-specific products, BRAND’s readiness to serve in sub-zero conditions.


Brand ‘Aqua’ Press Campaign
Media: International Industry Publications.
Objective: Showcase the latest Aluma ‘success story’ – the ‘Aqua’ building in Chicago (USA) with a facade designed to mimic ocean waves.
Challenge: Tie up the grand success with Aluma’s ultra unique strengths – that made such a feat possible.


LG Appliances Newspaper Ad
Media: Print/Magazines/Radio.
Objective: Introduce 2 new ‘white’ LG products in the market simultaneously.
Establish LG as a technology pioneer in consumer electronics.
USP: Sate ‘o the art home appliance technology to the fore.


Jeep Magazine Ad
Year: 2002.
Media: Print.
Objective: Launch the new 2002 Jeep ‘Cherokee’ Luxury model of SUVs.



Kia Motors Magazine Campaign
Media: Radio/Newsprint/Magazine Glossies.
Objective: Launch of the new ‘Pride’ model via a special ‘Price Promotion’.
Challenge: Smallest car in the market (in size & engine capacity)/Limited interior space.


Brand 100th Anniversary ‘Centurion’ Ad
Media: Annual Celebratory Magazine Issue (UK).
Objective: Felicitate ‘British Petroleum’ on their 100 years in the business.
Challenge: Bring out the association between ‘Brand’ and BP – without stealing the thunder from the latter.